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Harmony and peace in yoga (hapi yoga)

Harmony And Peace In Yoga (HAPI Yoga) is a platform dedicated to inspire people to live a happy and healthy life through yoga. Yoga is an ancient science designed for working towards the ultimate purpose of man’s life, self-realisation. On the journey towards knowing our true self, all the systems get balanced and reorganised in their natural state; health gets re-established naturally as a side product of yoga.

Hapi yoga is the sole provider of such a service in the African region where yoga is being integrated in the treatment of different diseases and patients are followed up with the necessary medical support and investigation. The term alternative medicine has been coined due to a lack of proper scientific evidence on its mechanism of action but now with the dissemination of knowledge of the components of the Primo Vascular system or Bong-Han System which has revealed the intricate system of ‘nadis’ in yoga and ancient Indian medicine or acupuncture meridians in Chinese tradional medicine ,[link], this branch of medicine is being seen under a new perspective.


How yoga works

In yogic understanding, the Panchakosa (pancha:five, kosha:body/cover/sheath) concept divides our body in 5 bodies/sheaths:

  1. annamaya (physical),
  2. pranamaya (life force, breath),
  3. manomaya (mind, thoughts/emotions),
  4. vijyanamaya (intellect, power of discrimination) and
  5. anandamaya (bliss/beyond the rest) kosa.

These sheaths or bodies are not distinctly separate but interlinked and overlap each other so that disorder in one of them will produce discordance in all the rest resulting in disharmony in the mind-body complex, and finally psychosomatic and organic diseases. A simple and famous example would be observing our breath, heart rate and thoughts if possible when we are angry. Here some external event perceived through our sense organs (annamaya kosa), sent as impulses to and interpreted in the brain produced an emotional reaction of anger (manomaya kosa) causing a disturbance in the bodily activities (pranamaya kosa) and loss of power of discrimination (vijyanamaya kosa) between destructive and constructive decisions. Consequently, we end up taking inappropriate action. Through yoga, these bodies are purified (through a meditative attitude while doing yogic postures, breathing techniques, contemplation, concentration and awareness) so that distressing events cause psycho-emotional imbalances to a lesser degree or not at all, depending on the level of understanding and practice, and thus are taken with a cool mind which is a prerequisite to make the right decision needed to solve the problem. With time, harmony and peace in yoga (anandamaya kosa) is achieved through natural alignment and integration of these levels or bodies . Optimal health is only a drop of our natural unhindered state which encompasses much more...we leave it for you to discover.


Benefits of yoga

Undoubtedly, many people have been treated and even cured of certain diseases through yoga which has been found to be of great help in managing musculoskeletal diseases, emotional disorders and psychosomatic diseases all depending on the student’s willpower and devotion. At hapi yoga, we are not claiming to produce miracles but are making an endeavor to prevent further deterioration of already established diseases by a daily consistent practice of certain techniques customised to the individual’s needs and limitations. Using yoga as a method of treatment is a unique and novel way to improve our quality of life in this fast modern era in our attempt to enjoy a holistic health where not only the physical but also the psychological health is taken into consideration. In fact, each level of health as defined by the World Health Organisation is addressed [link].

Well-known benefits of yoga are as follows:

  • Improved respiration, energy and vitality.
  • Maintaining a balanced metabolism regulating levels of blood sugar, hormones, etc.
  • Weight reduction as the metabolic rate is readjusted.
  • Cardiovascular health regulating blood pressure, heart rate, etc.
  • Improved athletic performance.
  • Protection from injury
  • Improves psychological/mental wellbeing
  • Helps with anxiety and depression
  • Boosts memory and improves concentration
  • Stress management
  • Preparation of labor, relaxation and mother-child bonding during pregnancy, and regaining normal metabolism after labor
  • Aids in improving chronic disorders and pain
  • Improves flexibility, muscle strength and posture.
  • Regulates endocrinological system
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases inner strength, self-esteem and peace of mind
  • Helps get rid of bad habits
  • Develops awareness

Who will benefit from yoga

In ancient times, this secular discipline was reserved for serious seekers who wanted to follow a regime to reach the ultimate or enlightenment or nirvana. In our modern generation, yoga has been modified to fit the requirement of each individual, young or old, man or woman, everybody has now access to and can now make good use of this old system. The therapeutic value of yoga has been discovered and is now at the disposal of patients with established organic diseases. However, yoga is a method of prevention and regulation so that the body is better prepared to face all types of challenges. As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure, yoga offers a better quality of life to all its practitioners. So you are all welcome to learn yoga in a way which is specially adapted to your unique body and mental makeup through lessons given individually.


Marma Therapy

Marma therapy consists in stimulation of marma points which are vital points scattered over the body and which are the seat of prana. Prana governs all activities in the body at the different levels explained above. Stimulation of these points has a positive effect on overall health.

Read More about Marma Therapy Here.

The different diseases that can be managed by this science are: Arthritis, Cerebral palsy, Congenital brain / nerve lesions, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Eye and ear nerve problems, Migraine, Orthopaedic diseases, Pains in various parts of the body, Paralysis, Polio, Sciatica, backache, painful knee diseases, Spinal / vertebral column diseases, prolapsed inter-vertebral disc / slipped disc, Spondylosis, Traumatic nerve lesions, vascular, skeletal lesions.

At Hapi yoga, patients are taught the specific points related to their conditions so that they can practice it on their own. Immediate relief has been achieved in some cases.


About Us

Dr Manjusha Coonjan (Founder of hapi yoga, Medical doctor specialised in Yoga therapy/Integrative medicine, Traditional yoga teacher, Marma therapist, Counselor and life coach)

Dr Manjusha Coonjan is a general medical practitioner with past working experience in various fields (approx. 9 years spent as a senior medical and health officer in Victoria Hospital,one of the major public hospitals of Mauritius). Based on the benefits of yoga on her own health, she decided to go for a more formal training in this field. The comparatively new subject of yoga therapy had emerged shortly and was the next step. Having completed postgraduate studies in Yoga Therapy at Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla, India, she is well-equipped, with the help of her supporting team, to assist patients in following a lifestyle-modifying method tailor-made for each individual accompanied by a continuous medical follow-up. Her aim as a medical professional is to assist people achieve a better health by preventing disharmony at the earliest stage therefore preserving good health, and controlling the progression of already established diseases .

Her vision is to create a happy and healthy society where harmony and peace prevail.


Acharya Yogesh (Hatha Yoga Expert, Chakra therapist, Yoga and philosophy teacher)

Acharya Yogesh is one of the authentic gems in the world of yoga. He had been working as an insurance banker, and at one point of time, he decided to quit the corporate world and dedicate his life to yoga. With the help of yoga he lost 16 kg of weight, got rid of many minor health problems and avoided a surgery advised by his doctor. Through his own cure, he became motivated to spread the therapeutic aspects of different yogic practices. Over the past years, he has developed a scientific attitude towards spiritual practices leading to combination of Eastern feeling and Western mind. He has been practicing alternative healing therapy, a combination of psychological counselling, ayurveda, mudra therapy, yoga and pranic healing and especially chakra cleansing and balancing. Yogesh has also a tremendous experience in teaching philosophy, yogic anatomy, hatha yoga, pranayama, meditation and various cleansing processes in different schools (conducted above 80 teacher training courses) and individual workshops in India, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Spain, Netherlands and several other countries.

Bi Xin Xin (Traditional yoga teacher, Yoga therapist)

Ms Bi Xin Xin was born and grew up in south China. Incidentally,she became an asana (yoga posture) practitioner in 2006, after 7 years of regular practice; she found that some health issues such as emotional problems, neuro-physical diseases etc., still persisted. With this dissatisfaction, she tried a three-week course in the yoga foundation at Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla, India in 2013. The latter is a well-established and one of the genuinely traditional yoga institutes in India. She then decided to quit her job, and stay at Kaivalyadhama for a formal training in yoga therapy to treat herself optimally. In 2016, she completed the Postgraduate Diploma course in Yoga Therapy as well as noted a huge improvement in her own health. Now she is planning to share her experience and techniques she learned from all her teachers and friends in India, to assist each individual to counteract their stress in daily life, therefore reach a highly achievable state of balance at physical and emotional levels.

Wellness Team

Manfred Ignace (International Volley-ball coach, Remedial Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner)

Manfred Ignace has been serving as Platoon Commander in the Special Mobile Force, won the Baton of Honour at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, UK. After migrating to Australia, he worked as Clinic Campus Manager of Melbourne College of Professional Therapists (MCPT), Victoria and also Manager of Healthy Life Clinic, Ferntreegully, Victoria. Coming back to Mauritius, he developed the project of and is the current manager of MCPT International Mauritius. Manfred is now working in collaboration with MCPT Australia, Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), Mauritius Qualification Authority (MQA) to set up an International Level of qualification in Mauritius, Indian Ocean and Africa, and as a healer in collaboration with L’onde de vie and LD Feng Shui to promote (Géobiologie et Bioénergie) Feng Shui in Reunion Island, Mauritius and Indian Ocean.

Serge Lodeon (Doctor in TCM, Acupuncturist, Geobiologist)

Serge Lodeon is doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). After working for 7 years in France, he settled down in Mauritius. He practices acupuncture to alleviate physical and psychological disturbances (general body pain & stress, detoxification, smoking cessation, etc.) and also helps to harmonise subtle energy through his knowledge of magnetism and geobiology.



What we offer:

Kindly note that the word students and patients are used interchangeably. All clients sick or healthy are learning how to have a holistic life and so basically are students.

Our selection of services include Yoga therapy (Short sessions, Individual & Group classes, Short courses); Marma therapy; Health & Fitness Consultancy; Medical Consultations; Postural Alignment; Counseling & Life Coaching; Yoga & Meditation Retreats; Residential Programs. Some of these have been described below.

Individual consultation:

This is a recommended step needed for devising the individual beginner classes. It consists of a medical checkup including basic postural analysis and overall psychophysical assessment. Accordingly, the different practices of yoga (elements of postural alignment, modified postures, breathing techniques, cleansing processes and maybe chanting of mantra depending on the student’s affinity) are prescribed.

Individual beginner classes:

At least 3 of these are advised before admission in group classes. During the beginner classes, the student will be taught the practices that have been prescribed during consultation and subsequently adjusted and corrected if needed.

Group classes:

These are meant for students who had been consulted and preferably have had at least 3 individual classes. Yoga is an individual path. This is a platform to meet other yoga practitioners and use the group energy for motivation to go further into or simply to make more effort towards steadiness and regularity in your own practice, under supervision.

Special group classes:

Classes for specific conditions like low back ache, asthma, stress management, deep relaxation and rejuvenation, insomnia, lethargy and low energy level, etc. Here, focus is placed on particular aspects that pertain to the specific disease. It is advised to have individual consultation and beginner’s class prior to these sessions for best result.

Short course:

Designed especially for foreign visitors, corporates, schools or any group of people sharing a common interest in yoga, it starts with an individual consultation and followed by practical classes under supervision devised according to length of stay of visitors and overall health status of the students.

On this note, all students/patients should make sure that they be as punctual and regular as possible with their practice. As we eat and sleep daily, yoga must become part of our life for it to be optimal, and it all starts with one step at a time.

For more information and scheduling an appointment, contact us.



Recomended readings:

  • Gheranda Samhita - Sw Digambarji, Dr. M.L.Gharote
  • Hathapradipika of Svatmarama – Sw Digambarji, Pt R. S. Kokaje
  • Bhagavat Geeta - Swami Parthasarathy
  • Patanjala Yoga Sutra – Dr. P.V. Karambelkar
  • Sri Patanjala Darsnanam – Kaivalyadhama
  • The Alpha and Omega – Osho (discourses)
  • The Power Of Now – Eckhart Tolle
  • Vedanta Treatise – Swami Parthasarathy
  • Yoga and healthy aging – H. Kumar Kaul
  • Yogic Management of Common Diseases – Dr. Swami Karmananda
  • Yoga Mimansa, various volumes.
  • Yoga Nidra - Swami Satyananda Saraswati


I met Manjusha , during my 1 week detox at Kaivalyadham. Manjusha really was a bonus to my programme . She helped me so much with my posture over and above all the yoga and emotional healing that I can still remember her words : "roll the shoulders tuck your elbows stomach in "I was not aware that I had a decade long problem with my spine which she identified and helped me treat. Manjusha , thank you I strongly recommend you
Annanya Kamani
After meeting Manjusha, I realised what Yoga really is, she guided me through step by step process to clear all my mental hurdles and she refined my Asana and Pranayama techniques, I was having back pain, with the help of Manjusha guidance the pain has subsided drastically, I wish her all the best for her future. Also I was there to remove my mental stress from stock market, she helped me in various fields like inner growth... removed my fears, the way I view life, how I was creating own obstacles limiting myself by past experiences, stressing myself by carrying regrets...
Neelesh Jain (Investor)
I had met Manjusha in Yoga school, while learning the 6 weeks teacher training course. She had guided me throughout, by resolving all my questions, related to yoga aasans, aspects of Kriya, learning of various subjects. Becoming friend with her, I used to feel blessed listening her yogic experiences and learning. She also introduced me to various physical aspects of body (knowledge she possessed being physician) and relating the same with yogic practices and there impact on human body. The intense meditator in her, has facilitated meditations to huge groups of more than 60 people. I had new silent mediational experiences bringing me a new aware life. One will be blessed under her wise guidance.
I met Manjusha in 2015 and we addressed issues related to stress and how it was affecting my health. I understood how stress generated pressure on myself and so creating illness. I started practicing kriya yoga under Manjusha's guidance. It helps in achieving inner peace, stable mind, control aggressiveness and overall good health. It's a must to be practiced daily for ultimate transformation ..flow with the moment and automatically things fall in place.
Mr. Nikhil Mehta

Upcoming Events

International Yoga day workshop on 25 June 2017

yoga day 25 june 2017


International Yoga day workshop on 2 July 2017

yoga day 2 july 2017

Past Events

Sunday Weekly workshops, 25th Sept to 30th Oct:

retreat for sunday


Yoga as a tool for personal development, Holistic Teacher Training Workshop, July 1-15, 2016

holistic teacher training workshop for ministry of health july 2016

From July 1 to 15, 2016, teacher trainees who are already enrolled in a program for art and physical education for the 9-year schooling program set-up by the present government (Rep. of Mauritius), participated in a workshop for personal development organized by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research. Since they will be known as holistic teachers, the trainees are first and foremost being given all the techniques and knowhow for their own growth. Yoga being the path to self-knowing (and ultimately self-realisation) was naturally included in this workshop, and Dr Manjusha Coonjan delivered theoretical and practical sessions going into the philosophy being classical (Patanjali) yoga and its application. About 160 students (4 groups of 40) took part in this project and for many it was their first contact with hatha yoga. They were amazed to learn about the different facets of yoga, how its practice is beneficial for a holistic wellbeing and has now gained scientific support for therapeutic use.


International Yoga Day Workshop, June 26

international yoga day workshop

We had the great pleasure of hosting this workshop where all the participants were keen to learn more about yoga. They came in a big number despite the cold winter Sunday morning. The yoga asana class went smoothly with a practice of traditional yoga poses mostly at a beginner's level enjoyed in a mindful way sometimes physically demanding and other times relaxing mode. Our theoretical session was gladly stretched over its time limit with the zealous interaction on philosophical and scientific aspects of yoga. Clarification on the right way of performing different breathing techniques was given and practiced. Our workshop ended with deep relaxation and rejuvenation session in yoga nidra.


Global Wellness Day, June 11 at Hilton Flic en flac

global wellness day yoga workshop

On the occasion of the Global Wellness Day celebrated on the 11th June, Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa had organized a series of activities during three days for the guests as well as for the employees. The first activity was a 2-hour yoga session by the Dr Manjusha Coonjan. Workshops led by the dietitian Benjamin Thevenin, the podiatrist Julie Vieilleuse and the osteopath Morgane Lagesse were among the other activities proposed. The new Executive Chef Rodolphe Médard had prepared a Finger Healthy Buffet at the Spa Garden for the occasion. The participants also followed a workshop with the theme “Learn to massage each other” and Tai Chi and Body Shape sessions. “We give an important place to the well-being of our employees and our guests. As such, we have decided to thank them by giving them the opportunity to live the Global Wellness Day experience”, said Corinne Vellin, Spa Manager of the Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa. Read More


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